How are the wings of eagles and seagulls different? What do your arms have in common with a bat's wings? Why can't penguins and ostriches fly? Discover the questions to these answer and more at the Calgary Zoo. Humans have long been intrigued by flying animals, and understanding the basic principles that they use to take to the air has given us the knowledge and inspiration to fly for ourselves. Come check out our animals and artifacts, and learn about the fascinating world of flight!

Curriculum Connections:

G6, Topic A: Air & Aerodynamics (Describe properties of air & the interactions of air with objects in flight)

G6, Topic B: Flight (Construct devices that move through air & identify adaptations for controlling flight)


90 minutes

Time offered:

9:30am, 12:00pm

Program Fees for 19/20 school year:

$225 September - November
$175 December - February 
$280 March - June


Maximum 32 students