Want to meet our gorillas and learn what their typical day looks like? Or the importance of their habitat and what you and your students can do to help this species in the wild? Find out this and more as your class interacts with one of our zoo educators. To start the conversation and initiate inquiry, footage of gorillas in their natural habitat and information on the species will be available to you prior to your program. Your students can send their questions to our educators ahead of time so we can prepare and support your students learning objectives, making the most out of their Skype visit. (Can be used to support the reading of The One and Only Ivan)

Curriculum Connections:

Adaptable, depending on your student's needs and age.


Up to 50 minutes, with prior footage and species information available to stimulate inquiry.

Times offered:

10:00am, 11:15am, 12:45pm

Program Fees for 18/19 school year:

$90 September - February
$125 March - April

ADD ON AN INDEPENDENT TOUR KIT FOR $8!                                 

Maximum 1 class at a time


About Distance Learning

Ever wish you could bring your school group to the zoo but run into barriers like distance, class size, budget or mobility? Well here’s your chance to bring the zoo to your classroom! Through the magic of Skype, we now offer distance learning programs, bringing the zoo to you. Adaptable to the ages and grade level of your students, we are pleased to offer three exciting programs on Penguins, Gorillas or Swift Foxes. Looking for a different topic? We can work with you to customize a program to meet your specific requirements.

To prepare your class and stimulate student inquiry, programs include species and behavioural information and footage of the chosen animals, made available to you prior to your program. Students are encouraged to then craft and send in their own questions for our educators to answer, while using biofacts (animal artifacts such as skulls and pelts) as well as props to further bring the experience to life.