ILLUMINASIA Lantern & Garden Festival

ILLUMINASIA, Lantern & Garden Festival ran from September 8 - October 16, 2016 and is now finished for the year. 

The Calgary Zoo was proud to present ILLUMINASIA, Lantern & Garden Festival Presented by Sinopec Canada, as the authentic Chinese lanterns lit up the zoo and set the stage for a unique experience like no other in Calgary.

The festival lanterns mirrored zoo animals while showcasing culturally symbolic animals such as the crane and iconic Chinese symbols like the Phoenix. The Dorothy Harvie Gardens provided the backdrop through lush mosaic cultures and vegetation tapestries. Visitors experienced authentic Chinese, Japanese and Korean and Vietnamese entertainment and programs that spotlight food, garden, art and culture.

These amazing and intricate lanterns were designed and prepared in China, then assembled on-site by a team of craftsmen directly from China with assistance from locally hired tradespeople. 

This new culturally-vibrant lantern and garden festival was the only one of its kind in Western Canada. ILLUMINASIA was a great addition to the Calgary fall festival line-up, helping us pave the way for the arrival of giant pandas in 2018!