John Cleese kicks off his Calgary visit at the Zoo!

Oct 09, 2013

The Calgary Zoo was pleased to welcome John Cleese to Calgary with a private visit to many areas of the zoo. As a well-known celebrity and passionate conservationist, Mr. Cleese shared with us his love for wildlife and lemurs in particular.

He spent much of his time in our Canadian Wilds section and had many questions about the zoo’s conservation work in our own backyard. He discussed our many projects and conservation research initiatives with a small group of staff and expressed his excitement for our Land of Lemurs immersive exhibit that we hope to open in 2015.

Check out these great photos from Mr. Cleese's visit!

John Cleese visiting the Calgary Zoo's Amur tigers

John Cleese visiting Samkha the Amur tiger

John Cleese meeting the Calgary Zoo's bears

John Cleese meeting one of our grizzly bears, Skoki

John Cleese visiting the Calgary Zoo's muskox

John Cleese with the Calgary Zoo's muskox herd in Canadian Wilds


Conservation is a main priority for the Calgary Zoo. Through our Centre for Conservation Research and Conservation Education programs, we’re working to protect endangered species with conservation outreach programs around the world. Check out our other conservation outreach stories to learn more.