Zookeeper Week- Bill Blayney

Feb 04, 2015

The summer of 2014, we recognized National Zoo Keeper Week! To celebrate the dedication and hard work of our amazing zookeepers, we posted an interview of a keeper each day that week. Our final chat was of course with the dedicated zookeeper Bill Blayney, who has worked at the zoo for almost 30 years.


Meet the Zookeeper: Bill Blayney

Q: How did you become a zookeeper?

A: "I trained in Lethbridge as a Fish and Wildlife technician, and then took Environmental Science at Lethbridge College.”

Q: When did you start working as a zookeeper for the Calgary Zoo?

A: "I started working for the Calgary Zoo in 1986, so about 29 years ago. I’ve been working in the African Savannah building roughly since its grand opening in 2003.”

Q: What's your favourite animal to work with?

A: "My favourite animal would have to be the giraffes.”

Q: What’s a great zookeeping story that you can share with us?

A: “I think overall, a great story is the flood of 2013. It was different for all of the animal care staff to work together as a whole instead of our sections, and what we accomplished together was amazing. The African Savannah group operates well as a team, but the flood really showed that when you get any keepers together they can really cooperate and make it work.”