Karsten Re-Discovery Centre

With an entirely new life as a year-round education and activity centre, this existing facility teems with activities for young children and their families who may need more stimulation than a leisurely “walk in the park”. The centre also continues to host meetings and classes in its theatre and classrooms, and is conveniently just a short walk from refreshments at the Penguin Café.


TransAlta Rainforest, Zooventure Playground and

Himalayas Lagoon

The TransAlta Rainforest features a renovated outdoor gorilla habitat with new viewpoints, as well as remodeled interior primate exhibits. The “Rainforest Centre”, a redesigned multi-purpose room, serves educational as well as catering functions. The Zooventure Playground is relocated to a more central location near Dinny’s Green. The existing lagoon system, a remnant of a former river channel that cuts through the Himalayas zone, may be redesigned to freeze in the winter and provide an opportunity for skating. The completion of Beyond the Great Wall with the addition of a new Amur tiger exhibit, the creation of the Tropical House, Pinnipeds, In the Company of Bears and additional renovations to Destination Africa complete Phase II.


Celebrating Animal Care and Research

At the far west end of the island, a new Animal Health & Conservation Research Centre is created. This new veterinary and research facility is a fully-functioning hospital that shares caregiving with the public and showcases the exceptional animal care that is one of the zoo’s cornerstone principles. An operating theatre, on-display necropsy, along with interactive veterinary and wildlife medicine displays fully engage guests and provide a valuable educational resource. As an engaging indoor destination, it will anchor the west end of the island and provide additional incentive to visit the whole zoo.



The zoo’s active role in the conservation of Canadian species is showcased in the revitalized 21-acre Canadian Wilds.


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2019 and


Projects include:


The Tropical House

Pinnipeds (Seals)

African Savannah



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