Inspiring Change continues the Calgary Zoo’s established model of creating well-designed, naturalistic exhibits within immersive, geographic zones where visitors can enjoy observing and learning about the animals and the living landscapes on which they depend.


Guided by the three cornerstones, Inspiring Change focuses on:


• Realigning the animal collection to concentrate primarily on species with high conservation needs that do well in Calgary’s climate. Other less hardy, high-conservation-needs animals will continue to be integrated where they can be well cared for;


• Developing new habitats and holding areas based on animal welfare science to thoroughly fulfill the behavioural and psychological needs of the animals; co-locating animal holding areas and service centres whenever possible;


• Creating efficiencies that can lower operating costs while increasing the time available for enrichment for both the animals and visitors;


• Distributing a range of visitor engagement, interpretive and gathering areas throughout the park to optimize conservation education opportunities; and


• Linking the exhibit zones and experiences together with public pathways and gathering areas that highlight the natural beauty of the park, while enabling a strategic and engaging distribution of guest services that underpins visitor comfort and establishes a clear hierarchy of wayfinding and communications.

Phase I

An Exciting Beginning

The next decade promises a continuing transformation of the zoo – the first phase of an Inspiring Change.


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Phase II

Further Ahead

2019 and Beyond

Species in all areas of the world are likely to be negatively affected by climate change and habitat loss from human encroachment.


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As a not-for-profit organization, the Calgary Zoological Society has modest resources for reinvestment into capital projects.


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