Sep 25, 2014

The savannah section zookeepers are boasting about the addition of two new African crowned crane chicks hatched a week ago to parents Duke and Duchess. These spectacular birds are first time parents and our zoo records show that we have not had crowned crane chicks in more than 30 years. Duchess has been here since 2011 and Duke since 1995.
Curator Dr. Malu Celli comments, “The little cranes are precious and are being carefully guarded by their parents. We are not certain of their sex at this stage; however have a couple of “royal names” in mind to keep with the regal theme when the time comes.”
Currently the four make their home with the animals of the savannah; giraffe, ostrich and zebra in the mixed species habitat.
From the Eastern sub-Saharan Africa and South Africa, crowned cranes are famous for their courtship, especially the mating dance between the pairs. A pair of cranes will keep its family group together for almost a year and after that the young form their own flock. They eat plants, worms, insects, lizards and small mammals and can grow to be four feet tall.
We have provided photos for you as it is unpredictable where the cranes will be in the enclosure. If you would like to try and acquire your own, please let us know and we can take you over at 2:00 p.m. today.
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