CALGARY ZOO TO WELCOME GIANT PANDA TWIN CUBS- Four Black and White Ambassadors To Grace Our City

Dec 11, 2015

Calgary, AB – The Calgary Zoo is happy to celebrate the Toronto Zoo’s continuing success with the excellent care of the rare giant panda twin cubs born October 13, 2015.  We have confirmed that the cubs will be heading here in 2018 with adult pandas Er Shun and Da Mao as part of the multi-stakeholder agreement. The wee cubs are still in a critical time of development, however the Toronto Zoo team of experts have been very encouraged by their progress.

Dr. Clément Lanthier, President and CEO, Calgary Zoo confirms, “We are near the finalization of our panda exhibit designs which will accommodate the four animals as well as providing additional room should Er Shun conceive here in Calgary. We are excited to bring the magic of pandas back to our community as part of our Master Plan.”

John Tracogna, Chief Executive officer, Toronto Zoo states, “Since the birth of the cubs the Toronto Zoo has worked diligently to care for these precious animals. We are very proud to be participating in the Giant Panda Conservation Breeding Program to ensure the ongoing survival of this species.”

Meanwhile the Calgary Zoo will watch closely for updates on the cubs’ development in anticipation of their arrival in 2018.

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