Sixth year of osprey action caught on camera

Jun 18, 2013

Calgary, Alta. – Since 2008, the Calgary Zoo and ENMAX Corporation have brought live osprey action to the public via a high-resolution webcam at This season, three eggs were laid which all hatched this past weekend.

For 17 years, osprey have built their summer homes on a platform constructed by the Calgary Zoo atop a specially placed ENMAX pole. The platform is located at the extreme east end of St. George’s Island in a non-public area, but can be seen from the bridge crossing the Bow River between the Canadian Wilds and Destination Africa exhibits.

“The number of people visiting our website to watch the osprey has increased dramatically over the years,” said Doris Kaufmann Woodcock, ENMAX. “In 2012 over 140,000 unique webcam views were logged and this season is attracting similar attention.”

Osprey are birds of prey whose population have rebounded from a once endangered status. They often build nests on top of power poles which can pose a serious danger to the birds and lead to power outages. ENMAX effectively addresses this issue by erecting nesting platforms that are located in close proximity to the original nest but away from power lines. Through this program, sites are identified and assessed for suitability and need. Since the fall, two additional platforms have been put into place for a total of 16 sites in Calgary.

“Osprey were once headed for extinction and their recovery has been nothing short of inspiring,” said Kevin Strange, Head of Conservation Outreach, Calgary Zoo. “ENMAX’s support for these birds has done much to facilitate their safe return to Calgary and the osprey camera has allowed thousands of people to come along for the ride.”

The live streaming camera is available to the public through to the seasonal departure of the birds which typically occurs in September.

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