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Posted on November 09

Calgary, AB – Earlier today, the Calgary Zoo announced it’s taking another step in its journey to become Canada’s leader in wildlife conservation by rebranding its Foundation to “The Wilder Institute”.

“In 2016 we began a journey to transform from a zoo that did conservation work into a conservation organization that operates a zoo, said Dr. Clément Lanthier, President & CEO of Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo. “As part of our ambitious strategic plan, we are deepening our conservation efforts globally and aiming to significantly grow our community of supporters to enable this critical work. We are taking this opportunity to launch an action-focused brand, alongside the iconic Calgary Zoo brand, that highlights our deepest hopes – that the wild becomes WILDER!”

Together with the Calgary Zoo, the Wilder Institute has a rich 30-year history of doing critical conservation work, locally and globally, with notable achievements:

  • Owns and operates Canada’s largest conservation offsite breeding and research facility dedicated to the return of endangered species to the wild;
  • Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo leads, in collaboration with other partners, global conservation programs in Community Conservation and Conservation Translocations including: hippos, lemurs, mountain bongo, sitatunga, Vancouver Island marmot, burrowing owl, whooping crane, fisher, Half-moon hairstreak butterfly, Northern leopard frog, greater sage-grouse, swift fox, black-tailed prairie dog and black-footed ferret, sihek (Guam kingfisher) and Carolinian forest plants;
  • Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo is consulted by over 130 governments, not for profits and agencies around the world for its conservation translocation expertise; and
  • The Wilder Institute is home to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Global Secretariat to the Species Survival Commission, Conservation Translocations Specialist Group (CTSG).

“Incredible successes can be achieved when people are inspired to support wildlife conservation. Much has been accomplished already, but the need to do more increases every day. Together with your support, we will make the world a wilder place,” said Dr. Clément Lanthier President & CEO of Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo.

In response to the growing number of endangered species that are in need of conservation efforts, the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo aims to expand its conservation programs across Canada and around the world – targeting to double its number of conservation programs by 2030 – to secure a future for all living things.

Thanks to the collective action of Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo, its conservation partners, and the incredible support of its generous donors, they are taking needed action to make the world wilder. For more information about Wilder Institute’s conservation work, locally and globally, please go to WilderInstitute.Org.

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For more information contact:
Alison Archambault
Director, Brand & Engagement
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You may have noticed something new with the Calgary Zoo! For more than 30-years, the Calgary Zoo has led critical wildlife conservation work through the Calgary Zoo campus, the rural Wildlife Conservation Centre, as well as across Canada and around the world. The Calgary Zoo is internationally recognized for world-class animal care and habitat design practices and takes pride in inspiring and educating generations of visitors about the importance of biodiversity and conservation during visits. As the Calgary Zoo continues its journey to be Canada’s leader in wildlife conservation, we are pleased to introduce the world to the Wilder Institute.   

The Wilder Institute oversees the Calgary Zoo’s conservation portfolio, locally and globally, and will continue to be a force of nature for making the world a wilder place. The staff and volunteers of Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo are passionate about restoring balance to wildlife and human life, together. As visitors discover the rare and endangered species that we love and care for at our facilities, they are directly contributing through admission and on-grounds sales to a not-for-profit charitable conservation organization that works to fight extinction of plants and animals worldwide. Learn more at and