Zoo Rules

How to Have a Fun Zoo Visit

The Calgary Zoo is home to many animals and plants – help us care for them by following the zoo’s rules.

Zoo Rules

  • Keep to public pathways and respect our safety fences.
  • Avoid knocking on glass windows or throwing things at animals to get their attention, it frightens them.
  • Our animals and wandering birds have already eaten, thanks. Please don’t feed them.
  • Walk, rather than run… take your time to enjoy everything!
  • Spare change? Donate to our conservation wishing wells instead of throwing coins in our ponds, pools or fish tanks. Coins can be very harmful to our animals and birds.
  • Let our flowers flourish in the gardens and leave them for all to enjoy.
  • Keep noise levels respectable, act safely and have a good time. Please remain fully clothed (ex. shirt, bottoms and footwear), and please no profanity as this is a family-friendly space.
  • The Calgary Zoo is a smoke-free environment. Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is only allowed in designated areas.
  • Keep the following items at home: Fidget spinners, balls, Frisbees, balloons, bicycles, tricycles, rollerblades/skates, heelies, skateboards, drugs and alcohol, hackeysacks, scooters and any noisemakers or musical instruments.
  • Any device that can ‘propel itself’ independent from the accompanying adult is not permitted. This prevents accidents involving the child using the device, other guests, and the animals on grounds.
  • The Smart Trike is not permitted at the Calgary zoo as it is considered a tricycle which may be able to ‘propel itself’ independent from an accompanying adult.
  •  Smart Trike example:      
  • Pets of any kind are not allowed at the zoo for the safety of our animals and yours. Please do NOT leave pets unattended in your vehicle in warm weather.  Leave them at home or with a proper caregiver.

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