Event Extras

More to Do at the Zoo

The natural setting of the Calgary Zoo makes any event more exciting than the average meeting room or banquet hall. But why not make it even more memorable by adding an experience that can’t be had anywhere else in the city? Check out all the additional choices, from a 30-minute mixer to a half-day zoo-wide adventure.

Add in Some Animal Fun


A zoo educator will set up an interesting array of animal artifacts at your event venue, then you and other guests can stop by to check them out when you can. Call it an education mix and mingle. Only available with a catered event.

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Zoo Tours

Sure, the Calgary Zoo is a picturesque backdrop for an event. But there’s so much more that your guests can get in on. Going on a guided tour gives everyone the opportunity to learn about the zoo grounds and the animals that live here.

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A mammal is a warm-blooded vertebrate animal with a covering of skin and hair. Mammals include cats, dogs, monkeys, and even some aquatic aimals like hippos and whales.