Corporate-themed Presentations

Let's Learn from Natural Wonders...

Perspectives on Nature

Discover a new way to look at nature (and life in general) by learning how a giraffe is an example of bioengineering or how seals “invented” heat exchange. It’s a great talk to energize your team and get them looking at challenges in a new way.

When Going Solo Doesn’t Cut It

Humans didn’t invent teamwork; elephants, waxwings and even dinosaurs have been doing it for millennia. Have a fun and educational look at teamwork in the animal kingdom while learning why some species work together and others fend for themselves.

To Mate or not to Mate

When Justin Timberlake and Barry White doesn’t work, how do you set the mood for persnickety creatures? And how much birth control does a hippo need? We’ll take you on a lighthearted journey into the world of species survival plans (think but for tigers) and our role with those who need a helping hand. From enticing orangutans and whooping cranes to artificially inseminating a giant panda, a day in the love life at a Zoo is never dull. Rated PG

Days of our Antarctic Lives

Penguins often appear light-hearted and carefree but many days here at the zoo can be a soap opera with conflict and courtship.  With five different species and more than 40 individual birds, life in Penguin Plunge has few dull moments.  From nest squabbles to mate debates and even finding time for exercise, we'll dive into the world of problem solving and parenting - penguin style.



  • $500 per presentation, if presented on zoo grounds with a catered event
  • $550 per presentation, if presented off-site but within city limits
  • A/V equipment is not included

Take the animal kingdom into the corporate world.

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Snakes are not slimy! Their scales are similar to fingernails and they are actually dry and slightly rough to the touch.