COMING MAY 2018 Escape Extinction (6 up to 90 ppl)

Be a Conservation Hero

Every challenge/game will test your skills working on team, while seeing what it takes to save a species on the brink of extinction. 

How it works

A zoo staff member will join you in your meeting space and introduce the team builder activities.

Your group will be put on teams according to your table rounds. Each team will be a conservation research team. This is a timed activity and you will be moving around the Zoo to complete tasks in order to finish the final challenge. 

A winning team will be crowned based on speed of completion and quality of their work. 

More details to be revealed in early spring 2018


 •Typically 2 hours

 Participants required

  •  6 - 90 (maximum of 15 teams of 6)


  •  Please call  403-232-7770 for more information 


Snow leopard fur is patterned with rosettes and spots that provide perfect camouflage against their mountainous, rocky terrain.