NEW - The Polar Games

Active, Outdoor Fun 

These activities are all outside so dress for the weather and walking on a snow covered field.  We will keep you warm with lots of movement in your challenges, heaters and hot chocolate.

How It Works

A zoo staff member will meet you at your start location to introduce the activities and go over ground rules and timing.

Split into teams of four to six and come up with team names.  Zoo staff will rotate teams through 4 different activitie stations and 2 warm up stations. 

We will be keeping score to see who the grand Polar Games Champion is.  

Only available in January and February. 


  • Typically 2 hours

Participants required

  • 6 - 72


Please call 403-232-7770 for more information. 

Get your group working and playing together

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In spite of their dramatic appearance, mandrills are generally quiet and reserved, spending much of their day searching for food.