Zoovivor (6 to 75 ppl)

Don’t Get Voted Out of the Park

It’s tribe against tribe in Zoovivor. This team-building event is as much about having fun as team as it is about teamwork. It’s great for groups with a mix of personalities and age ranges, and people who need to get to know one another.

How It Works

A zoo staff member will meet you at your Zoovivor start location to introduce the activities and go over ground rules and timing.

Your group will be split into teams of four to six and be given timetables and zoo maps. Teams will then be sent to their first of five challenges, which are spread throughout the park and led by staff and volunteers. Each team has a timetable with start times and locations for each challenge station, and they work their way through each one

After completing each challenge teams will be given points, and their final score will be tallied back at the meeting room where bragging rights are awarded.

For a more detailed program description of Zoovivor - click here

For a more detailed program description of the Zoovivor for small groups (5-15 ppl) - click here


  • Typically 3 hours

Participants required

  • 6 - 75ppl


  • $40 per person for a non-catered event (minimum charge of 25 people)
  • $35 per person with a catered event (minimum charge of 25 people).  A catered event is an event with a full day room rental and catering for a minimum of 30 ppl.
  • Zoovivor is possible for groups of 6 to 15 as well; the cost, at $750 without catering or $550 with catering, is just a flat fee instead of per person.
  • Prices include Zoo admission

Cancellation Policy

There is a $100.00 administrative fee (per program) for all date changes, and 3 business days’ notice must be given.

A cancellation made more than two weeks before your event, will result in a loss of 50% of your deposit.

A cancellation made less than two weeks prior to the program date, will result in a forfeit of the entire deposit.

Get your group working and playing together

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