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Guided Tours for Your Group

Treat your tour group to a guided trip around the Calgary Zoo, where they can see a fantastic cross-section of animals and plants and learn all about them from an educated guide at the same time. The minimum group size for any guided tour is 15 people.

A Wild Time Guaranteed

The Canadian Wilds

Wander through the Rocky Mountains, Aspen Woodlands and the Northern Forest to see grizzly bears, mountain goats, wolves, bighorn sheep, moose, bison and more. All outdoors, this area is a must-see for any visitor to Canada. Duration: 60 minutes

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Destination Africa – Rainforest Tour

Trek through the TransAlta Rainforest where you can keep your eyes peeled for fruit bats, dwarf crocodiles and a variety of birds. You can also stop to watch some zoo favourites – the gorillas. This is all indoors, with plenty of light pouring in, so it’s perfect for rain or shine. Duration: 40 - 60 minutes

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Destination Africa – Savannah Tour

Go on an indoor safari through the African Savannah. Your guide will explain why this is such a unique ecosystem while you enjoy watching the zebra, giraffes, hippos and red river hogs. Duration: 40 - 60 minutes

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Gorilla babies are born totally dependent on their mothers. Weighing only about two kilograms (four pounds), they cling to mom’s fur until they’re about four months old, when they start to ride on her back.