Edu-Trek: Eurasian Safari (K-12)

How do animals and humans live together?

Follow the path to conservation, highlighting the animals adaptations to their environment. Discover the spectacular animals that call Eurasia home and learn how these animals and humans have adapted to live together and their effects on the environment. Click HERE for a more detailed outline of the program.

Eurasian Safari

Curriculum Connections: Multiple. Please let us know if you want a specific focus.

Length: 75 - 90 minutes

Time offered: 10:00am, 12:00pm

Program Fees for 17/18 school year: $225 September - March
                                                            $275 April - June

Program Fees for 18/19 school year:
$225 September - November
$280 March - June

Not available December - February

K to Grade 12 -  Maximum 30 students

For detailed availabilty please check the Program Schedule

Booking information and guidelines

Please look through our booking procedures to help you fill out a booking form. It includes important information relating to class sizes and chaperones as well as other frequently asked questions.

Download booking form

Download Booking form

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