Secondary Programs

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Full day programs at the zoo provide an immersion in curriculum materials that simply isn’t possible in a shorter session. Using the extraordinary, real world resources at the zoo, we bring life and excitement to a variety of science topics, stimulating curiosity and demonstrating the practical applications of what students are learning in the classroom.

Plants for Food and Fibre (G7) *UPDATED*

Could we survive in a world without plants? Watch the answer to that question come alive in this fun, interactive program.

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Interactions and Ecosystems (G7)

Investigate some of the different things that make up an ecosystem, biotic and abiotic and explain all the possible interactions.

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Freshwater and Saltwater Systems (G8) *UPDATED*

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. Using the great Pacific garbage patch as a diving off point we explore the importance of water and how we affect it, observing some of our zoo animals and their enclosures to study filtration and the value of water testing.

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Crescent Point Energy Biological Diversity (G9)

Why do animals have unique mating behaviours – and what part do those behaviours play in ensuring biological diversity? Find out using our own zoo animals as examples.

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Changes (G11)

Using biofacts, students will analyze and describe the adaptation of organisms to their environments, observe evidences to support evolution, and describe and compare modern evolutionary theories. Now including a visit to the lemurs!

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Bio 30, Population and Community Dynamics

In this lively look at conservation, genetics and population ecology we'll study some of the zoo's most exciting re-introduction projects. We'll examine the importance of gene pool diversity, look at the effects of habitat loss and hear from a few of our conservation science staff in a video.

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Edu-Trek: Trekking Through Panda Passage (K-12) *NEW*

Come and meet our newest residents the Giant Pandas. Skip the lines on this guided tour.

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Edu-Trek: Plant Safari (K-12) *NEW*

On this walking tour we will uncover the secrets that plants hold to life and the importance of their survival. Using samples to help us in our search to identify and learn from native plants.

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Edu-Trek: Eurasian Safari (K-12)

Follow the footprints, can you identify the animals, their connections to each other and the environment? From dragons to tigers to humans, discover how we all impact each other.

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Edu-Trek: Canadian Wilds Safari (K-12)

Follow the footsteps of some of Canada's diverse wildlife through different ecosystems as we tour the aspen parklands, Rocky Mountains and boreal forests.   

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Edu-Trek: African Safari (K-12)

Journey to visit the old world animals in their two distinct environments, the savannah and tropical rainforest. Learn about these majestic beasts and how they survive together.

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Black bears come in a full array of colours including blue-gray or blue-black, brown, cinnamon and even (rarely) white.