Experience the zoo from the comfort of your classroom.

Is your class curious about all the different species of penguins there are around the world? Discover all there is to know about the 5 species of penguin we have at the zoo, what they eat in a day and the importance of their enclosure in keeping them healthy. To start the conversation and initiate inquiry, footage of penguins in their natural habitat and information on the species will be available to you prior to your program. Your students can send their questions to our educators ahead of time so we can prepare to support your students learning objectives, making the most out of their Skype visit.


Curriculum Connections:

Adaptable, depending on your student's needs and age.

Length: Up to 50 minutes, with prior footage and species information available to stimulate inquiry.

Times offered: 10:00am, 11:15am, 12:45pm

Program Fees for 16/17 school year: $125

Program Fees for 18/19 school year:
$90 September - February
$125 March - April

Availability: September - March                                                     

Maximum 1 class at a time

For detailed availability please check the Program Schedule for 'Open Slots'

Booking information and guidelines

Please fill out the appropriate sections of the booking form and send in, no less than 3 weeks, before your preferred date. Please note, if you are enquiring about a special topic or project, please allow more time for us to work with you and develop something that meets your needs (prices may vary from stated).

Caribou have large hooves that spread out, acting like snowshoes and also as handy scoops to dig in the snow for food. Sharp edges on their hooves provide excellent traction on ice and rock.