Backpack Tour: Enclosure Design in Eurasia (K-12)

Ever wondered why one animal’s enclosure is bigger than another? Why some animals have more shelter than others? Or what some of the objects are in their enclosures? Discover the answers to these questions and more while exploring the needs of these unique Eurasian animals by studying some of their skulls and even comparing your jump to a snow leopard’s.

What's included:
- backpack
- pre-written tour (link below)
- additional information and supporting pictures
- animal artifacts and activity resources

Grade: K-12

Length: Pick up before 10am. Return anytime before 3pm.

Pick up location: At the north gift shop by Penguin Plunge

Fees for 17/18 school year:
$65 (low season), September - March
$95 (high season), April - June

Available as an add on to a school program: please indicate on the booking form, or with bulk tickets: please call Guest Relations at 403-232-9300, ext:2.

Tour information

Tour information

Lions sleep up to 20 hours a day.