Backpack Tour: Hot and Cold in the Canadian Wilds (G2)

Explore how penguins cope with varying temperatures and see how these compare to some of our local animals in the Canadian Wilds. Feel the furs of different animals including the Musk Ox, which have one of the warmest furs in the world, while discovering the differences in adaptations for animals that live in hot and cold climates.

What's included:
- backpack
- pre-written tour (link below)
- additional information and supporting pictures
- animal artifacts and activity resources

Grade: 2

Length: Pick up before 10am. Return anytime before 3pm.

Pick up location: At the north gift shop by Penguin Plunge

Fees for 17/18 school year:
$65 (low season), September - March
$95 (high season), April - June

Available as an add on to a school program: please indicate on the booking form, or with bulk tickets: please call Guest Relations at 403-232-9300, ext:2.

Tour information

Tour information

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