Backpack Tour: Levels of the Savannah (K-12)

Immerse yourself in the African savannah while exploring how so many herbivores live peacefully side by side. Discover how one of the most dangerous animals in Africa eats from the same source as a zebra while not outwardly competing with it and the importance of lions to maintaining enough food to support the many herbivores that call the African savannah home.

What's included:
- backpack
- pre-written tour (link below)
- additional information and supporting pictures
- animal artifacts and activity resources

Grade: K-12

Length: Pick up before 10am. Return anytime before 3pm.

Pick up location: At the north gift shop by Penguin Plunge

Fees for 17/18 school year:
$65 (low season), September - March
$95 (high season), April - June

Available as an add on to a school program: please indicate on the booking form, or with bulk tickets: please call Guest Relations at 403-232-9300, ext:2.

Tour information

Tour information

Mountain goats are known for their speed and agility in steep terrain. They can climb over 450 vertical metres (1,500 vertical feet) in only 20 minutes.