Bulk Tickets Rates and Booking Information

School Group Rates – Self guided visits

For inquiries or to purchase tickets please contact [email protected] or call 403-232-9300

The Calgary Zoo offers discounted rates for school groups of 15 students or greater. Rates also apply to preschools and daycares. You will also be provided a specific number of FREE chaperone tickets to ensure your school group has adequate supervision. The student/chaperone ratio is reflective of the Alberta Education guidelines; however the zoo offers a greater number of FREE chaperones for the safety and well-being of the students; and preserves the quality and integrity of our zoo.

ALL ticket pricing applies to 3 DAY ADVANCE booking ONLY – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Schools purchasing tickets ON DAY OF the visit will be charged FULL admission price along with an ADDITIONAL $25 late booking fee.

Student tickets will expire at the end of the season they are purchased in i.e. low season or high season.




Prices with GST


Student School Rates



Chaperone to student ratio:       1:4 - pre-school – grade 6            and        1:7 - grade 7 - up

** Additional adults ‘exceeding’ the Chaperone ratio will be charged the General bulk rate listed below.  This rate is based on the TOTAL number of people in the group.  For example: group size is 85 and 6 additional general adults are required…each general adult ticket price will be $23.96.

Number of People


15-249 People

250-999 People

1000-2499 People

2500+ People

General Bulk Price







  • GST is NOT included in General BULK pricing
  • Prices, terms and conditions are subject to change
  • All ticket purchases (Student and General bulk rate) are non-refundable.
  • Chaperone tickets are ONLY valid for the day of the scheduled trip.

Tickets can be purchased:

  • Over the phone with a Guest Relations representative using a credit card only
    • Please call 403-232-9300 Ext. 2
  • By mailing in a cheque WITH the appropriate form attached
    • Please call Guest Relations to have a Cheque form emailed to you or download it here. Download form. Please include this completed form with your payment.
    • ANY cheque received WITHOUT the completed form attached will be held until the form is submitted - Schools will NOT be granted access to the zoo without confirmation of purchase and payment

Adult Supervisor Guidelines:

*We ask group leaders/teachers in charge to please review these guidelines with their adult chaperones prior to the Zoo trip.   Thank you in advance for your assistance with this matter.

  • Adult Supervisors (Chaperones) must be 18 years or older.  The chaperone role is vital in ensuring students have a safe and enriching experience at the Zoo.  Chaperones must remain with and supervise their group at all times.
  • Children must not be on zoo grounds unsupervised.  A minimum of 1 chaperone to 7 children must be adhered to.

Please Remember

  • Stay with your group at all times.
  • Abide by all signage. For example, climbing in restricted areas such as those in the Prehistoric Park or the Canadian Wilds is unsafe for visitors and destructive to Zoo property.
  • Please remain on the paved pathways. The paved pathways are for your convenience and maintained for your safety.
  • For the health and safety of our animals, please do not tap on enclosure windows; and absolutely nothing (food or otherwise) should be thrown into animal enclosures.
  • Respect our free-ranging wildlife. Chasing or ‘plucking’ animals such as peacocks and guinea fowl is not permitted.
  • Ensure all garbage is disposed of properly. 
  • The playground facility is for children 12 and under only.  Please be aware and respectful of the small children playing in the playground.
  • Please remember to keep voices at a respectful levelNO shouting.  The animals living here will appreciate this and continue to exhibit natural behaviors in their habitat.
  • Name Tags: For Elementary school kids; we recommend name tags which include the school and teacher’s name as well as an on site cell phone number.  Please use tape or string – no pins.
  • Items not permitted on zoo grounds- rollerblades, skates, roller heel shoes, skateboards, scooters, bicycles (any piece of equipment with pedals), balls, Frisbees, balloons and pets.


What to expect when you arrive at the zoo…

Shoulder and winter season:

September through mid- April:  There will be NO staff available to meet buses or groups in the plaza; therefore we ask all groups to pick up your tickets at the Guest Relations windows located inside the tunnel.

NOTE: Please ensure your group is organized in a single file line and not blocking the tunnel entrance or exit in consideration for other patrons

 Spring and summer season:

Mid April through June – these are our busiest months, particularly in the morning with 40+ school groups and buses arriving at the same time.  To ensure a safe and timely entry into zoo grounds; zoo representatives will be stationed on Alberta Plaza to provide a ‘meet and greet’ for groups:

  • A zoo representative will meet your group in the Alberta Plaza located outside the tunnel.  (If there are no zoo representatives to greet you at the time of arrival, please have the teacher in charge ONLY proceed directly to the WILL CALL window located at Guest Relations in the tunnel) 
  • The ‘Group leader/Teacher in charge’ must sign a release form before receiving a program ticket and/or admission tickets and receipts for their group.

If your group requires extra tickets, ONE member of your group may proceed to a gate to purchase; then return to the group and give those tickets to the zoo representative. Schools purchasing tickets ON DAY OF the visit will be charged FULL admission price along with an ADDITIONAL $25 late booking fee.

  • Ticket(s) will be confirmed by the zoo representative along with the total number of students and chaperones attending that day – ** all extra day admission tickets (if available) will be returned to group leader/teacher in charge
  • Once the entire group is ready for entry, a staff member will retain the ticket(s) and lead the group through the tunnel to the turnstiles where they will be granted access to zoo grounds

** If you have EXTRA day admission tickets; they are NON-REFUNDABLE. They can be used on a future trip to the zoo, but will expire at the end of the season they were purchased in, i.e. low season or high season. Chaperone tickets are ONLY valid for the day of the scheduled trip.

PLEASE NOTE: During high volume times, we cannot hold extra tickets for chaperones that are arriving late. Please plan to meet these adults when your bus arrives to ensure distribution of all tickets.

Thank you for your assistance in making your visit an enjoyable one!

Thank you for your continued support of the Calgary zoo.





Like their namesake, giant pandas, red pandas have a special false thumb they use to strip leaves off bamboo stalks.