Biomes (G10)

It’s easy as ABC (Adaptations, Biomes and Climate)

Explore three biomes and discover their characteristics by measuring and comparing some of their abiotic conditions. Infer and observe animal adaptations to these biomes. Identify the potential effects of climate change on biomes and on some of their biotic components. Click HERE for a more detailed outline of the program.


Curriculum Connections:
Science 10 - Unit D: Energy Flow in Global Systems  
                   - Relate climate to the characteristics of major biomes, and
                     compare biomes of different regions of the world.

Length: 5 hours (includes 1 hour lunch break)

Time offered: 9.30am-2.30pm (Please let us know if you need an altered start or finish time)
Maximum 2 per day, classroom dependent

Program Fees: $350

Availability: September - April

Maximum 37 students

For detailed availabilty please check the Program Schedule

Booking information and guidelines

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