Bio 30, Population and Community Dynamics

A Look at Conservation Management

Conservation is the primary focus, drawing on important concepts such as biological and genetic diversity to better understand this complicated process. While observing some of our animals, key terms will be discussed and conservation strategies explored. The students will examine the many challenges we face in conservation work and how they relate to what they are learning in class. Click HERE for a more detailed outline of the program.

Sponsored in part by Keyera.

Population and Community Dynamics

Curriculum Connections:
Unit C - Genetics
Unit D - Population and Community Dynamics

Length: 5 hours (includes 1 hour lunch break)

Time offered: 9.30am-2.30pm (Please let us know if you need an altered start or finish time)
Maximum 1 per day

Program Fees for 17/18 school year: $350

Program Fees for 18/19 school year:
$350 September - November
$300 December - February (add on a self-guided backpack for free!*)
$360 March - April

*Click here for more information about the self-guided backpacks

Availability: September - April

Maximum 37 students

For detailed availabilty please check the Program Schedule

Booking information and guidelines

Please look through our booking procedures to help you fill in a booking form. It includes important information relating to class sizes and chaperones as well as other frequently asked questions.

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Download booking form

Snow leopard fur is patterned with rosettes and spots that provide perfect camouflage against their mountainous, rocky terrain.