Changes (G11)

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change” Heraclitus

The concepts of adaptation, classification, evolution and speciation are brought to life through the observation of primates, the comparison of skulls and a couple of games, one of which will be outside in one of the sections of the zoo. Click HERE for a more detailed outline of the program.

Curriculum Connections:

Biology 20

  • Unit B: Ecosystems & Population Change
  • Compare Lamarckian and Darwinian explanations of evolutionary change.
  • Summarize and describe lines of evidence to support the evolution of modern species from ancestral forms.
  • Describe modern evolutionary theories.

Science 20

  • Unit D: Changes in Living Systems
  • Describe the adaptation of species over time due to variation in a population, population size and environmental change.
  • Describe evidence for evolution by natural selection.
  • Compare gradual evolution with punctuated equilibrium.

General Information

Length: 5 hours (includes 1 hour lunch break)

Time offered: 9.30am-2.30pm (Please let us know if you need an altered start or finish time)
Maximum 2 per day, classroom dependent

Program Fees: $350

Availability: September - April

Maximum 37 students

For detailed availabilty please check the Program Schedule

Booking information and guidelines

Please look through our booking procedures to help you fill in a booking form. It includes important information relating to class sizes and chaperones as well as other frequently asked questions.

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Download booking form

Caribou have large hooves that spread out, acting like snowshoes and also as handy scoops to dig in the snow for food. Sharp edges on their hooves provide excellent traction on ice and rock.