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ZooCare: Adopt a Species

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The ZooCare Adopt a Species program helps us provide exceptional care to over 1,000 Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo animals. With your support and symbolic adoption, we feed our animals specially designed diets, and create enrichment activities that encourage the behaviour a species would display in the wild.

Animal Adoption Packages

Now including our NEW Dinny ZooCare package! 
Dinosaurs need love too! Dinny, our beloved Brontosaurus, is the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo’s oldest resident. An iconic figure who also carries a heavy burden – a reminder that extinct is forever. By symbolically adopting Dinny and donating through our ZooCare program you will continue to provide for the animals that we love and help keep them safe. Symbolically adopt "Dinny" through any of our packages below.

Special Limited Edition ZooCare package — $100 donation

In addition to your adoption certificate, sticker, magnet and bio-fact card, you will receive a stuffed toy. Limited animals are available at this level and are subject to change.

Feature Animal Package — $50+ donation

Your package will be mailed to you and will include an adoption certificate for your chosen animal, a full-colour collector bio-fact card, magnet and window sticker. Click Adopt Now to choose your animal. 

E-Adoption package — $25+ donation

We’ll email you an adoption certificate and bio-fact PDF. You’ll be helping us save both paper and postage fees — which means more of your donation goes toward caring for the animals!  By the way, e-adoptions aren’t limited to feature animals — choose any animal at the zoo!


Additional Information:

You will be issued a charitable tax receipt for your donation (as eligible by the CRA) and it will be sent separately by mail.

A friendly reminder: please be mindful that zoo animals are living creatures. As such, they can become ill, be moved off of a habitat, or transferred to other facilities for breeding. If your adopted animal leaves the zoo, your gift will continue to be appreciated for the remainder of the year. Please allow up to ten business days for delivery of your ZooCare package. Please note that we do not deliver outside of Canada and additional charges may apply to remote locations. For more information, call us at (403) 232-7774 or email [email protected]