Panda Passage Now Closed

The award-winning Panda Passage building is currently home to our komodo dragons and bactrian camels.

Speaking of bactrian camels - it's the time of year when the bactrian camels shed their hair! This natural process happens annually over 6-8 weeks and helps keep the camels cool during warmer summer months. Their coat thickens again to keep them warm throughout the winter.

The Calgary Zoo's two beloved giant pandas, Er Shun and Da Mao, are preparing for the journey home to China so they are not available for viewing. Learn more.

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Panda Passage Building

Building Standards

Panda Passage has been granted Petal Certification by the International Future Living Institute's Living Building Challenge! The cutting-edge habitat meets the world’s most rigorous building standards, becoming the first project in Alberta to receive the prestigious award.

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