Panda Passage

Panda Passage is currently closed and will be undergoing some changes before it's open to the public.

The award-winning Panda Passage building is currently home to our Komodo dragons and bactrian camels. The indoor viewing area, where our Komodo dragons reside, is currently closed. Stay tuned for future updates! In the meantime, be sure to stop by the outdoor viewing area to visit with our bactrian camels.

A reminder that certain animal habitats will have adjusted viewing in place to keep all animals safe.

Our Featured Animals

Panda Passage Building

Building Standards

Panda Passage has been granted Petal Certification by the International Future Living Institute's Living Building Challenge! The cutting-edge habitat meets the world’s most rigorous building standards, becoming the first project in Alberta to receive the prestigious award.

Take a look at how we did!