Moosing Around with Maple

It’s a warm fall day and Glenda Misurelli is using a green apple to coax five-month-old moose, Maple, into her habitat at the Calgary Zoo as curious visitors look on. Glenda, a lead keeper in Canadian Wilds, picks up one of the apples and waves it enticingly. Previously disinterested, this seems to get the young moose’s attention. After all, who can resist a crisp apple in the middle of autumn?

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November: A Month of Giving Back

It’s been an incredible year for the Calgary Zoo. We welcomed the much-anticipated arrival of our giant pandas, reached over 100,000 members for the first time ever, and received the AZA’s Green Award! To celebrate one of the best year’s in the Calgary Zoo’s history, we’re giving back to the people that made it possible… you!

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Tails from the Field: Prairie Dog Town

It’s 5 o’clock in the morning and the only sound is the rattle of truck tires on gravel. In the beam of the headlights, a porcupine ambles along the edge of the road before disappearing. As we drive through Grasslands National Park, the truck empties, slowly but surely, as each researcher is dropped off at a different field site. Read more

Prairie Dogs and Peanut Butter with Tara Stephens

How has working with black-tailed prairie dogs in Grasslands National Park changed our population ecologist, Tara Stephens? Well, for one thing, she can’t eat peanut butter anymore!

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FAQs: Everything You Need to Know About our PandaCam

Have you heard the GIANT news? We’ve launched our PandaCam presented by Hainan Airlines! Now you can see what our giant pandas are up to even when you’re not at the zoo. If you have any questions about what you see on the PandaCam or our pandas in general, make sure to read our FAQ’s below. Read more

It’s the Final Countdown on our Guardians of the Wild Contest

August is a good time to relax and soak up the summer rays, but September is about revving up the bustle and getting things done. And you’re running out of time to experience some of our best summer activities. Take a read through our summer must-dos and see how many you can do before they close for the season on September 3:

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Why should you help save the planet, you might ask? Well, because we’re all the people who live in it! We’re challenging you- yes YOU – to become a Guardian of the Wild this summer and take action in your daily life. Be Forest Friendly with the FSC! 

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Do this long weekend Galactic Style

We’re the only place in the galaxy where you can see Giant Pandas and become a Guardian of the Wild. Bring your family and friends to tour our incredible Calgary Zoo universe and visit our Action Stations to improve your planetary protection abilities. Plus, you can collect as many galaxy-saving codes from the Action Station signs as you can and enter to win incredible prizes including a trip for two to China.

Know which planet your going to first: Prepare your trek with an action station map to collect as many codes as you can.

Get your star ship moving: Travel the zoo paths on a galactic trek as a Guardian of the Wild and collect codes at ten simple action stations. Our daily programs are a great addition to your visit so you’ll want to take in as many as you have time for:

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Guardians of the Wild – Find the frog with Rainforest Alliance

Visit Land of Lemurs to find the code for the Rainforest Alliance!

Why should you help save the planet, you might ask? Well, because we’re all the people who live in it! We’re challenging you- yes YOU – to become a Guardian of the Wild this summer and take action in your daily life. Help preserve the rainforest by shopping with the green frog’approval. 

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