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Strategic Gifts

No matter how you choose to give, a gift to the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo makes the world wilder. Your decision to leave behind a gift will benefit people and wildlife for generations to come.
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Gifts of Securities

Gifts of securities are a cost-effective opportunity to transform your assets into immediate and significant support towards a wilder future. By donating securities, mutual funds, or stock options, you can eliminate capital gains tax and receive a charitable tax receipt for your donation. A gift of securities allows you to make a larger gift for less, while amplifying your support to the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo.

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Gifts of RRSPs

Registered retirement investments are subject to heavy taxation, making them less efficient for transferring wealth to future generations. While they can be transferred tax-free to a spouse, any remaining funds will be fully taxed as part of your estate.


By naming Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo as a beneficiary of registered plans, you will retain ownership and use of the funds during your lifetime, receive a tax receipt for the value of the plan, avoid probate fees by removing these assets from your estate, and reduce your overall estate taxes. You can make a gift to the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo by naming us as the beneficiary directly on the form provided by your financial institution. This process is straightforward, confidential, and allows you to change the beneficiary designation at no additional cost.

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Life Insurance

A life insurance policy can be an excellent way for a donor to make a significant future gift to the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo with a relatively small annual financial contribution. By using life insurance as a tool for tax and estate planning, you can maximize your gift for conservation while also reducing taxes and leaving more for your family and loved ones.


You have two options for making a gift of life insurance to the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo. You can transfer a new or existing policy to the organization and receive a tax receipt for the value of the policy and any premium payments. Alternatively, if you prefer to retain ownership of the policy, you can name the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo as a beneficiary, and your estate will receive a tax receipt to help reduce or eliminate taxes.

*This content is intended to provide general information.

We encourage you to talk to your loved ones about your gift plans and seek guidance from a professional advisor.

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