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Animal Care, Health & Wellbeing

At the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo, we take a holistic approach in our care practices and view an animal’s wellbeing as a combination of factors influenced by their habitat, behaviours, and health. Through science-based practices and specialized enrichment, the animals in our care receive world-class care.


Enrichment experiences create variety and mental stimulation, enhancing an animal’s wellbeing. 

Hippopotamus, Lobi eating lettuce rocket enrichment in the pool


We make science-based nutrition decisions, conducting research that informs our selection of ingredients as well as the assemblage and delivery of nutrition to our animals.

White-handed gibbon, Maximus perched in tree, first day in public view habitat


Internationally recognized for our habitat design practices, each habitat at the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo is developed with the species in mind to maximize their wellbeing. 


Animal Health & Welfare

With an experienced team consisting of 3 veterinarians, a veterinary fellow, and 5 registered veterinary technologists, we regularly perform both routine checkups and life-saving procedures. 

Questions & Concerns

Who can I talk to about animal care or animal habitats at the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo?

If you have a question or concern about a specific animal, habitat, or how the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo cares for its animals, email We will respond within 24 hours.

Note: Any health issue, or the death of an animal at the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo is carefully investigated and recorded for disclosure with the appropriate public or zoo officials. View our policies.

What should do if I find an orphaned or injured wild animal?

Before handling a wild animal, please contact the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (CWRS) at (403) 239-2488, or visit

The CWRS is a registered non-profit charitable organization that treats, rehabilitates, and releases injured and orphaned wildlife.


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The Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo is situated on St. George Island, only five minutes from downtown Calgary and 20 minutes from the Calgary International Airport. Home to more than 4,000 animals from around the world, there’s plenty to see and do.