North American River Otter at Calgary Zoo

Alberta Biodiversity Festival

Embark on a family-friendly adventure at the Alberta Biodiversity Festival—an immersive experience where fun meets conservation to celebrate and protect our province’s natural wonders! Join us September 6-8 at the zoo and September 14 at Bow Habitat Station.


Discover the Beauty of Alberta’s Biodiversity

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From the beautiful grasslands to the iconic boreal forest, Alberta’s natural landscapes are diverse and captivating. The goal of this festival is to empower people with the knowledge, tools, and inspiration needed to think, plan, and take action while keeping Alberta’s fish, water, wildlife, and ecosystems at the forefront of their minds. This collaborative endeavor was made possible through the partnership between the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo and the Government of Alberta, including their Bow Habitat Station in Inglewood. Join us each year to celebrate the rich biodiversity in our province and what can be done for these diverse ecosystems.

Mark your calendars for the Alberta Biodiversity Festival taking place at the zoo from September 6th to 8th. We will have a special wrap-up event taking place on September 14th at Bow Habitat Station. Festival activities are included with your daily admission to both locations.

Young visitor dressed as Northern Leopard Frog at Alberta Biodiversity Festival.

Be a Champion for Wildlife Conservation

Alberta’s wildlife is an incredible treasure, and together, we can help protect it for future generations. Our festival activities are not only educational but also lots of fun! They are designed to inspire the whole family to learn, care, and take action for the flora and fauna in our own backyards. Let’s be champions for Alberta’s biodiversity together!  

Young zoo visitor dressed as sage grouse at Alberta biodiversity festival.

Wild Alberta Hub

In the summer, we will feature the Wild Alberta Hub over a 6-week period from July 17 to August 23 in preparation for the Alberta Biodiversity Festival September 6-8,2024Every two weeks, we will highlight a different ecosystem in Alberta with a range of value-add activities that will celebrate the rich biodiversity in Alberta and showcase the remarkable conservation programs of the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo. Get ready for an adventure filled with learning, excitement, and conservation at the Wild Alberta Hub! Join us each week Wednesday-Friday from 12:00-3:00 pm at the lawn space across from the muskox habitat.

Summer Fun: Albertan Style!

Learn about animal adaptions and building animal habitats.

Understand nature through observations and handling biofacts.

Play engaging conservation-based games.

Our Mission

By conserving, protecting, and revering our province’s precious biodiversity, Albertans can ensure that both wildlife and future generations can revel in it the benefits and enjoyment that its biodiversity provides. After all, it’s in our nature. 

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Support Wildlife Conservation

Incredible successes can be achieved when people are inspired to support wildlife conservation. Together with your support, we can make the world a wilder place.

From symbolically adopting an endangered species in Alberta through the WildCare Adopt-a-Species program, to participating in the annual Wild Run, you can make a difference!

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We are passionate about wildlife conservation

We are an internationally recognized leader in the science of saving endangered species. Your support of the zoo means you’re also being a conservation champion.