Japanese Macaque

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Biology 30: Population and Community Dynamics

Conservation is the primary focus, drawing on important concepts such as biological and genetic diversity to better understand this complicated process. While observing some of our animals, students will discuss key terms and explore population management strategies. The students will examine the many challenges we face in conservation work by reflecting on the question “What role can society play in maintaining wildlife populations?” and apply what they have learned in class to finding solutions.

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Grade: 12
Length: 3 hours
Availability: Mondays, December to February
Capacity: Up to 37 students

  • $365 (1 program)

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Curricular Connections:

  • Explain the basic rules and processes associated with the transmission of genetic characteristics
  • Explain classical genetics at the molecular level
  • Describe a community as a composite of populations in which individuals contribute to a gene pool that can change over time
  • Explain the interaction of individuals in a population with one another and with members of other populations
  • Explain, in quantitative terms, the change in populations over time

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