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Interactions and Ecosystems

From the tiniest puddle to the highest mountain range, our world is full of ecosystems in which plants and animals interact and survive together. In this fascinating program students will explore the impact of organisms becoming endangered or going extinct. Investigating how the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo contributes to wildlife conservation, students will work towards answering the question, “How might we reduce our impact on natural habitats so that we can maintain healthy ecosystems?”

Grade: 7
Length: 3 hours
Availability: Mondays, December to February
Capacity: Up to 37 students

  • $365 (1 program)
  • $615 (2 programs)

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Curricular Connections:

  • Analyze an ecosystem to identify biotic and abiotic components, and describe interactions among these components
  • Analyze ecosystems to identify producers, consumers, and decomposers; describe how energy is supplied to and flows through a food web
  • Investigate a variety of habitats, and describe and interpret distribution patterns of living things found in those habitats
  • Investigate and interpret evidence of interaction and change
  • Identify examples of human impacts on ecosystems, and investigate and analyze the link between these impacts and the human wants and needs that give rise to them
  • Identify intended and unintended consequences of human activities within local and global environments
  • Describe examples of interaction and interdependency within an ecosystem
  • Identify signs of ecological succession in local ecosystems

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