Burrowing Owl

On-site Program

*New* Burrowing In with Burrowing Owls (4-6)

The burrowing owl is a unique grassland species, whose Canadian population has declined by 90% since the 1990s. The owl is listed as endangered due to several threats that result in high juvenile mortality and low migration return rates. Through a variety of hands-on activities, we will learn about the burrowing owls’ habitat, diet, and head-starting project that the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo has devised to recover burrowing owl populations. Students will reflect on the question “How can we improve our environment for burrowing owls and ourselves?” while acting as ‘conservation researchers’ for a day to learn some of the conservation techniques that are involved in saving this species from extinction.

Length: 90 minutes
Program times: 10:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m.
Maximum students: 32

  • October-March: $240
  • April-June: $295

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Curricular Connections

Grade 3

  • New Curriculum
    • Analyze and describe how plants and animals interact with each other and within environments

Grade 4

  • Current Curriculum
    • Describe the importance of plants to humans and their importance to the natural environment
    • Identify and describe general purpose of plant roots, stems, leaves, and flowers
    • Recognize plant requirements for growth
    • Recognize that plants of the same kind have a common life cycle and produce new plants that are similar but not identical
    • Describe different ways that seeds are distributed
  • New Curriculum
    • Analyze and relate external structures to functions

Grade 5

  • New Curriculum
    • Investigate the internal systems of organisms and explain how they support vital biological processes

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