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The concepts of adaptation, classification, evolution, and speciation are brought to life through the observation of primates, the comparison of skulls and a couple of games. Students will examine what makes humans unique from primates through investigation of the question “How does our understanding of evolution and the theories associated allow us to better understand and protect species today?”. Students will also learn how researchers and animal care staff use the information gained to help them further support conservation science.

Length: 4 hours
Program times: 10:00 a.m.
Maximum students: 37

  • October-March: $365
  • April: $375

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Curricular Connections

  • Explain how limiting factors influence organism distribution and range
  • Explain that variability in a species results from heritable mutations and that some mutations may have a selective advantage
  • Explain speciation and the conditions required for this process
  • Explain how limiting factors influence organism distribution and range
  • Describe modern evolutionary theories, i.e., punctuated equilibrium, gradualism
  • Analyze data, actual or simulated, on plants and animals to demonstrate how morphology changes over time
  • Summarize and describe lines of evidence to support the evolution of modern species from ancestral forms

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