On-site Program

Dinos: Digging Deeper (3-6)

Get ready to solve the mystery of the fossil discovery. In this program students will act like paleontologists and use fossil evidence to determine the length, speed of travel, diet, and species of the dinosaur. Students will reflect on the question “How does learning about the past inform us about what Alberta is like today?” through storytelling and hands-on investigation.

Length: 60 minutes
Program times: 10:00 a.m., 11:15 a.m., 12:45 p.m.
Maximum students: 32

  • May-June: $295

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Curricular Connections

Grade 3

  • Current Curriculum
    • Explain how paleontologists know that dinosaurs lived on Earth millions of years ago.
    • Investigate fossilized dinosaur bones that have been found in Alberta and the dinosaurs they belong to.
    • Identify and discuss where fossilized dinosaur bones have been found or are on display in Alberta.

Grade 4

  • Current Curriculum
    • Value Alberta’s physical geography and natural environment
    • Examine, critically, how geology and paleontology contribute to knowledge of Alberta’s physical geography

Grade 5

  • Current Curriculum
    • Observe, describe, and interpret weather phenomena; relate weather to the heating and cooling of Earth’s surface
    • Demonstrate an understanding of fractions

Grade 6

  • Current Curriculum
    • Recognize evidence of recent human activity, and recognize evidence of animal activity in a natural outdoor setting
    • Observe a set of footprints, and infer the direction and speed of travel
    • Recognize that evidence found at the scene of an activity may have unique characteristics that allow an investigator to make inferences about the participants and the nature of the activity, and give examples of how specific evidence may be used
    • Investigate evidence and link it to a possible source

Develop Number Sense

  • New Curriculum
    • Grade 4: Demonstrate an understanding of fractions less than or equal to one
    • Grade 5: Demonstrate understanding of fractions
    • Grade 6: Relate fractions to quotients

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