Celebrating your child's birthday at the calgary zoo!


Looking for an awesome Birthday Party idea?

The Calgary Zoo is the perfect venue for your child's next birthday bash! What better way to celebrate their big day than with their closest friends and favourite animals too? Our Birthday Packages even let you choose to add Gift Bag options. Best of all, you just need to book and show up!

Please contact us today for more information on our Birthday Party Packages!
Phone: 403-232-7770 or Email: [email protected] 

Important Health and Safety Update

In accordance with the City of Calgary Mandatory Measures (as of October 26, 2020), all private gatherings, including birthday parties, are limited to 15 people whether indoors or outdoors. 

How does it work?

  • Birthday Packages are available on Saturday’s and Sunday’s throughout the year.
  • Choose from either: 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. or 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. (pending availability).  
  • Choose from one of our two Birthday Party Package options.
  • The maximum number of guests for our Custom Birthday Parties is 50 people

Birthday Party Package Options

  • Birthday Package #1 includes:
    • Price: $30 per person (same pricing for kids & adults)

    • 2 Hour Room Rental – in our Kitamba Café Private Room

    • Zoo Admission for every guest (Noting: you & your guests may enter before and/or after the party to enjoy the zoo)

    • Choice of Birthday Meals (which includes a meal, side, juice box, cookie, and a small toy)

    • You pick a meal and then pick your side 

    • Please note that you must order a minimum of 10 to select that meal or side choice

    • We continue to follow the Province’s COVID Guidelines; all meals come pre-assembled for each guest to minimize contact; a Zoo Staff Member will be on site to hand out meals

    Your Meal Choices Include: Your Side Choices Include:
    Black forest ham & swiss sandwich (with grainy mustard aioli and lettuce) Potato chips
    Hot dog (with ketchup and mustard packets) Vegetable sticks (with dip)
    Grilled cheese sandwich (with ketchup and mustard packets) Fruit salad
    Cheese burger (with ketchup and mustard packets) Whole fruit (apple or orange)
    Mac n' cheese (with ketchup packets) Macaroni salad
    Bowl of chili (12 oz.) and artisan dinner roll (with butter) Potato salad
  • Birthday Package #2 includes:
    • Price: $450 for the Venue Rental Fee and a Food & Beverage minimum spend of at least $450

    • 2 Hour Room Rental – in our Grazers Restaurant Private Space 

    • Zoo Admission for every guest (Noting: you & your guests may enter before and/or after the party to enjoy the zoo)

    • Choose from a wide selection of Food & Beverage (from our Calgary Zoo Private Catering Menus)

    • A Zoo Catering Member to be on site during food service

    • For more information on your menu options, please contact us via phone: 403-232-7770 or Email: [email protected] 

What about Gift Bags?

  • Calgary Zoo Gift Bags are available for $15 per bag, plus GST
  • Gift Bags must be ordered at least one week before the party 
  • Gift Bags include*: a Calgary Zoo reusable bottle and small animal stuffy. *If an item is out of stock, it will be replaced wiht an item of equal value.

Important information regarding Birthday Cakes and COVID Guidelines:

  • Due to ongoing health and safety measures, guests are not permitted to cut and serve their own cake. In addition, blowing out birthday candles on a shared cake should not be allowed. As an alternative, we highly recommend arranging to have an individual cake or cupcake for your child!
  • We offer a few alternatives:
    1. Bring in your own Birthday Cake: we're happy to cut and serve for $2 per guest
    2. Order Zoo Cupcakes - available in Chocolate or Vanilla at $3 per cupcake


  • Can we bring in our own food?

    No. Outside food is not permitted except for a birthday cake or cupcakes. Important note: all cakes must be served by a Zoo Staff Member to ensure we’re following Provincial COVID Guidelines. There is a charge for cake cutting & serving.

  • Can we bring in our own decorations?

    Yes. We don’t supply any birthday decorations, so you are welcome to bring your own decorations but none that need to be attached to the walls or ceiling. We are not able to permit early access to the party room so you will need to put up your decorations in the first few minutes of the party.  Please note that balloons, piñatas, confetti and balls of any kind are not permitted on zoo grounds and are therefore not permitted in the party room.  Items that are not permissible due to the health and safety of our animals and zoo patrons include: balloons, confetti, pinatas, balls and bells of any kind.

  • Where do guests park?

    All guests should park in the North Parking Lot and enter through the North Entrance. Please note that parking is not included in your Birthday Package. The cost is $12 per vehicle daily. Any attendees with a valid Engage or Inspire membership may use their pass for parking access.  

  • What if some of the guests have Calgary Zoo passes?

    Birthday Parties are sold as a group package and the price is not affected if some of the guests have passes or memberships.

  • What is the cancellation policy?

    Birthday Packages are non-refundable.

  • Can we come in early or stay at the zoo after the party?

    Yes, your Birthday Party Package includes admission to the zoo for you and your guests. You may enter the zoo before the party and/or stay after the party to enjoy the zoo. Please note that you will not be able to access the party room before the party start time and you must take all belongings with you from the room at the end of the party.

  • What guidelines do you have in place to ensure a safe COVID-friendly Birthday Party at the Calgary Zoo?

    All Albertans must follow CMOH Order 05-2020 which establishes legal requirements for quarantine and isolation. Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19; with a history of international travel in the last 14 days; or with close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the past 14 days must remain at home. To support public health contact tracing efforts in the event that a guest tests positive, we ask you to collect the names and contact information of your guests that will be attending the Event (E.g. email address for each household). Providing information is voluntary for guests, but should a potential exposure occur onsite, Alberta Health Services will use this information to assist in a rapid response. They are advising that records should be kept for 2 weeks.

    • Face coverings are strongly recommended everywhere at the zoo, but mandatory for everyone 2 years and older inside all of our buildings (except while enjoying food and beverages), in accordance with City of Calgary Bylaw 26M2020. Be sure to bring yours with you when you visit, and put them on and remove them safely.
    • We encourage the use of assigned seating to minimize multiple persons using the same chairs; this reduces the potential for transmission and the need for cleaning and sanitizing during the event.
    • We will need to facilitate a 2 metre spacing of chairs to achieve appropriate physical distancing between attendees and households.
    • Any items (E.g. chairs, tables, decorations) provided for guest use will be cleaned and disinfected, laundered or discarded after the event.
    • We will place hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content at the party entrance.
    • Close physical contact between guests such as hand shaking, hugs, should be avoided, unless they are part of the same cohort or household.
    • Photographs of groups or individuals who are not part of the same household or cohort should be discouraged
    • We encourage safer alternatives to cheering, yelling, and whistling, such as clapping.

Thank you for considering the Calgary Zoo for your child’s Birthday Party. 

When you support the Calgary Zoo, you help save animals in the wild!