King penguin, Augustus


A+ New Names for Two Penguin Chicks

December 11, 2023 | 1 minute read

Prepare to wave a flipper – we have some penguins to introduce you to!

Our most recent Humboldt chick has been named ‘Antonio’ by way of a member voting contest! Named after the port city San Antonio in Chile, this little one can be identified by his gray-toned feathers and lack of a chest stripe. You can find him on the beach inside Penguin Plunge!

Our king penguin chick has also received a name fit for a king! Voted on by our volunteers, our newest member of the waddle has been a named, ‘Augustus’, after the first emperor of Rome. His royal floofiness can be identified by his downy brown coat which will keep him warm both inside and outside of Penguin Plunge.

Waddle on over to Penguin Plunge to greet our newest additions by name!

Pictured above: Augustus

Pictured below: Antonio

Humboldt penguin, Antonio