Polar bear, Siku


Celebrating ‘Baffin’ and ‘Siku’

December 15, 2023 | 1 minute read

We are paw-sitively shivering with excitement – ‘Baffin’ is turning 7 years old and ‘Siku’ is turning 8!

Since they were both orphaned in the wild as young cubs, their true birthdays are unknown but today’s the day we celebrate the life of these remarkable bears.

Did you know that as the Arctic warms, polar bears are spending more time on shore which can lead to an increase in bear-human encounters? We’re committed to supporting polar bear conservation and spreading awareness of actions we can all take to help protect their Arctic homes:

  • Opt for transit or carpooling to reduce solo driving;
  • Embrace reusable coffee cups instead of single-use ones; and
  • Practice energy conservation by turning off lights and adjusting thermostats.

Small actions can lead to big impacts to help protect wildlife and wild places.

Pictured: Siku