Humboldt penguin with chick


Celebrating the Arrival of Two Feathered Phenomenons

September 06, 2023 | 1 minute read

Exciting news! We are thrilled to welcome two new beaks in Penguin Plunge!

Humbolt penguins ‘Karina’ and ‘Esteban’ have welcomed their third successful chick, who is the younger sibling of ‘Chango’ and ‘Mateo’. This little one can be found in one of the outdoor burrows and while it won’t venture far until later this fall, you may hear it calling if you’re lucky!

Experienced king penguin parents ‘Diana’ and ‘Solomon’ have also welcomed a chick! Unlike the Humboldt penguins who will care for their chick inside of a burrow, king penguins keep their chicks a little closer – on their feet! King penguins have a flap of skin called a ‘brood patch’ on their underbody and the chick will nestle in the brood patch, keeping safe and warm.

Join us in celebrating these newly hatched arrivals!

Humboldt penguin with chick

Humboldt penguin ‘Esteban’ with chick

King penguin with chick

King penguin ‘Solomon’ with chick