Gentoo penguin


Good News about a Great Gentoo

August 31, 2023 | 2 minute read

We have some good news to share about a great gentoo! After spending some time behind the scenes this summer, our 10-year-old female gentoo penguin, ‘Una’, is once again on the move in Penguin Plunge!

Una has had a chronic eye issue for some time and our Animal Care, Health & Welfare (ACHW) team has supported her through targeted medications, extra ‘TLC’, and observation. But in late spring, it became clear that medical management was not enough and further intervention was needed.

Our consulting veterinary ophthalmologist, Dr. Ramey, performed a surgical graft to attempt to allow the eye to heal on its own. Unfortunately, the eye did not respond as needed and the decision was made that surgically removing the contents of the affected eye was in Una’s best interest.

But a missing eye isn’t stopping her! We’re happy to share that since her surgery, Una has been healing well and continues to show improvement! She’s back with the rest of the waddle, diving for fish in the pool, and navigating both the water and rocky beach with ease. Way to go, Una!

Our ACHW team will continue to monitor Una closely through her healing journey. Her recovery is a testament to the exemplary care and support that our ACHW team provides to all of the animals in our care.

Gentoo penguin

Gentoo penguin ‘Una’