Female mandrill


Happy Birthday ‘Layla’!

January 26, 2023 | 1 minute read

We’re wishing female mandrill ‘Layla’ a happy 17th birthday! Native to the tropical rainforests of west central Africa, mandrills are the largest of all monkeys. Females, like Layla, are about ½ the size of males, with duller colors and longer muzzles.

Did you know that mandrills come equipped with their own “takeout containers”? They have large pouches in their cheeks that they use to store snacks, like fruit, seeds and leaves, to munch on later! 🍒🌰🍃

Keep an eye out for ‘Layla’ and her brother ‘Yusufu’ as our three Rainforest primate species rotate through various indoor and outdoor (weather permitting) habitats.

Female mandrill

Mandrill ‘Layla’