Western Lowland Gorilla


‘Kioja’ Turns 22!

January 24, 2023 | 1 minute read

Help us wish a very happy 22nd birthday to western lowland gorilla, ‘Kioja’! Kioja is known as the calming presence within the troop but she’s also a bit of a social butterfly.

To help celebrate her special day, our Animal Care Technicians planned a very special treat for the troop – cupcakes! These aren’t your ordinary baked goods, they are special ‘gorilla approved’ cupcakes made using gorilla biscuit mash as the base, and blended fruits and veggies as the ‘icing’! As an added bonus, they were served as a frozen treat.

Leave your birthday wishes in the comments or stop by the Rainforest Building today and wish Kioja a happy birthday in person!

Western lowland gorilla

Western lowland gorilla, ‘Kioja’