Red pandas, Aahana and Anshu


Red Panda Debut

November 20, 2023 | 1 minute read

We had a paw-some morning! Our red panda cubs explored the main outdoor habitat for the first time!

The five-month-old cubs, ‘Anshu’ (male) and ‘Aahana’ (female) were a little cautious at first, but they soon were sniffing, scent-marking, wrestling, running, and climbing trees like pros! Red panda mom ‘Udaya’ was nearby while dad ‘Linus’ remained indoors. After a morning spent exploring, mom and cubs made their way back to the nursery for lunch and a much-needed siesta! Linus was then given access to the main outdoor habitat to explore the new scents left behind.

Over the next week, our red panda cubs will continue to have access to the outdoor habitat for a few hours a day to allow them to explore and get used to traversing the new space before being gradually introduced to ‘Linus’. Once the gradual introductions are complete, the family of four will spend time together full-time.

As the cubs settle into their new digs, we ask that you kindly keep voices low and movements slow to help encourage their comfort. This will also help to give you a better chance of the cubs staying in view!