Rock hyrax, Oshana, with three pups


Three Rock Hyrax Pups Born at the Zoo

July 05, 2024 | 1 minute read

We’re thrilled to share that our four-year-old female rock hyrax, ‘Oshana’, welcomed three adorable pups into the world this Wednesday! The sire is three-year-old ‘Kenickie’ and both are first-time parents.

The tiny pups made their debut in the African Savannah habitat, joining our resident colony of three adults: Oshana (mom), Kenickie (dad), and three-year-old female ‘Kikami’. These little dassies are doing well and can be spotted scooting around their Savannah home, staying close to mom and dad.

Although they’ve only just arrived, one thing is certain: these tiny parkour potatoes are already capturing the hearts of our staff, volunteers, and visitors alike!