Gray wolf


Upcoming Changes in the Canadian Wilds

October 02, 2023 | 2 minute read

30 AUGUST 2023 – The next phase of the Canadian Wilds redevelopment is on the horizon. While the Canadian Wilds North Path remains fully closed, here are the on-park changes to the Canadian Wilds South Path that you can expect when you visit the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo throughout September and October.

Canadian Wilds South Path Partial Closure – Weekdays, September 5 – October 6:

The South Path of the Canadian Wilds will end at the grizzly bear habitat on weekdays (Monday to Friday) while construction work is being done on the new whooping crane habitat.

  • This means that visitors will not be able to access Brawn Family Foundation Bugtopia or view the gray wolves or moose during these days.
  • Good news! The partial closure will be lifted on weekends (Saturday & Sunday) so visitors can enjoy the full Canadian Wilds South Path, including Brawn Family Foundation Bugtopia, along with gray wolf and moose viewing. In addition, the Canadian Wilds South Path will be fully accessible to visitors on Monday, October 9th (Thanksgiving).

Canadian Wilds South Path Full Closure – Tuesday, October 10:

The South Path of the Canadian Wilds will be fully closed as of October 10.

  • This means that as of October 10th, 2023 all Canadian Wilds species (muskox, wood bison, bighorn sheep, woodland caribou, whooping cranes, North American river otters, Rocky Mountain goats, the residents of the Jihad Shibley Rocky Mountain Aviary, cougars, black bears, grizzly bears, gray wolves, North American porcupine and moose) will no longer be viewable until the zone reopens.

We’re working hard to minimize impacts while continuing to provide the best possible experience for both our visitors and the animals we love and care for. We look forward to welcoming visitors back to the space when the new Wild Canada zone officially opens on December 1, 2023.