Hartmann's Mountain zebra


Welcome Back, ‘Leba’

March 09, 2023 | 1 minute read

Spotted (or should we say striped)! ‘Leba’ is back in the Savannah Yard!

We’re excited to welcome our Hartmann’s Mountain zebra mare back after her stay at the Archibald Biodiversity Centre (ABC) with our zebra stallion, ‘Eros’.

Since she joined us in 2015, Leba has been key in growing the zebra population, and is mother to several offspring including ‘Senha’, who was born in 2019.

Speaking of which, Senha is now off to the ABC to spend some quality time with his dad, Eros – but don’t worry about Leba being lonely.

Introductions between Leba and our other female zebra, ‘Genna’ are underway and are going well. Be sure to stop by the Savannah Yard on your next visit to welcome Leba back to her zoo home!

Hartmann's Mountain zebra

Hartmann’s Mountain zebra, ‘Leba’